I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question. But if
so let me know.

Today we have a problem with two of our 16 class rooms. When someone
tries to login they get a message saying that the tree or server cannot
be found.
When selecting the server from the dropdown list there are two options
one is x.x.71.245 which is our zenworks/preboot server and the second
option is x.x.172.253 which is our suse11 edir server.

I have no Idea how x.x.71.245 even got in the list. But only those two
rooms have the problem. I did have a problem earlier today when our
zenworks server quit allowing images to be pulled down. But that turned
out to be the preboot service had stopped and we started it and it is
working again. Could in some way this have caused our problem?


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