I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with the PwdChangedTime attribute
not being updated after a password change. It looks like it's
completely ignored. I have a whole bunch of accounts that I am 100%
sure that the password was changed recently yet the attribute doesn't
even show up in the user's information. For others, the attribute is
there but is not recent. I have tried changing the account from
ConsoleOne, iManager, setting UP from iManager, etc.. with the same

The master replica is running eDir 8.7.3 SP8 on NW 6.5 (NMAS
but the other servers are all 8.8.5 and above on SLES/OES2. We are
using Universal Passwords with password policies.

I am just wondering if NMAS is too old on the master? As I couldn't
find anything on this attribute either in Google or KBs, I am stumped on
resolving this issue as well as what more information you experts would
need to help me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Laurentian University

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