I've just installed a new eDirectory 8.8.8 tree running on SLES 11 SP3
using iMonitor 8.8 (20801.43) and when I check the replica
synchronisation on a partition it gives me the last sync time using a
12-hour format rather than 24-hour format.

So for example it says something like this:

Server Replica State Replica Number Last Successful Sync Send
Delta Receive Delta

..server-a.ACME.IDVAULT. On 1 04/10/14 10:22:46
0:00:00 0:00:00
..server-b.ACME.IDVAULT. On 2 04/10/14 10:22:46
0:00:00 0:00:00

Now that time of 10:22:46 should ideally be 22:22:46, otherwise how am I
to know if it's not synced for 12 hours ?

If I access iMonitor from a web browser on the server itself (rather
than my workstation) then it actually shows '10:22:46 PM' which is
slightly better.

However, I have another seperate 8.7.3 tree running iMonitor 2.3.1 and
this actually says '22:22:46'.

This issue also affects timestamps on objects when I browse them in
iMonitor too. It happens on both IE and Firefox browsers. All the local
time zone settings on the PC and servers are correct, and specifiy times
to be displayed in 24 hour format (as far as I can see)

Some times are displayed in iMonitor in the correct 24 hour format e.g.
the current time displayed at the top of the iMonitor portal.

Does anyone have any idea where the setting is that I need to change to
switch it to 24-hour display ? Is it in eDirectory or iMonitor or a web
server (Apache?) config ?

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