We wish to configure eDirectory as a Subordinate CA to our MS CA. We
will do this as per TID 3090028.

We also need, at some stage, to move the eDirectory CA from the NetWare
6.5 server it is currently hosted on to a Linux host. This move process
is described in TID 3618399 and essentially comprises exporting the CA
certificate with the private key, deleting the CA object and then
creating the CA object on a different server using the exported

What I would like to know is if it is possible to combine these two
processes into one? We do export the CA certificate and delete the CA
as part of TID 3090028. We also create a new certificate based on the
old CA. Once the CA object is deleted it then needs to be created again
using the cert signed by the MS CA. Is it possible at this stage to
select a different host server for the eDirectory CA? Or do we need to
use the same server?

The alternative would be to first move the CA (TID 3618399) and the
configure it as subordinate (TID 3090028)

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

Stuart Kett

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