Good day,

I have asked to perform some basic health checks on my customers
eDirectory environment, and I would like to know what beyond the
"ndsrepair" options are available?

I have not really used iMonitor very much, not much more than the
basics, and I did just start investigating the "ndscheck" tool. ,

Is there some documentation available especially on iMonitor that I can
start working through?

Basically we are seeing (or at least it is being reported ) that users
are being asked to change their passwords, though they are not close to
expiring, and users are having some password sync issues. When looking
in iMonitor I don't see any "Errors" but I do see that the "Oldest
Successful Sync" was 50 minutes (though with the size of the customer
that might not be out of the ordinary)

Thanks for any assistance offered,


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