Novel eDirectory 8.8 SP5 / RedHat Enterprise Linux

We have removed a eDirectory server which was a RW replica for our root
partition. After removing it from iManager, We can see it as "Dead"
under the Replice View for Server Itself in iManager. and it no more
appears under
root partition as replica.

but if run iMonitor on that server, i can still see the root partition
with Error 1.

if i run the ndstrace on that server, following message appear:

Work info status: Total:2 Peak:2 Busy:0
Work info status: Total:2 Peak:0 Busy:0

Converting .ROOT_PARITION. to xref, failed, directory full (-153)
..ROOT PRAITION. cannot go away until schema has been synchronized
setting flag to seen dead state for [0000802a] <.ROOT_PRATITION.>

ndsrepiar -E on other replicas does not show error and does not list
this server.

What should i do?


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