I am new to several concepts and ideas behind eDirectory and I have some
doubts regarding user authentication. For a Windows machine and Windows
domain, one's machine is added to a domain and all users can seamlessly
login into that machine.
>> My main goal is to have something similar using a Windows machine

and eDirectory. In other words, I would like to have a solution where I
can authenticate eDirectory users that try to login on a Windows
machine, without requiring any local authentication (similar to Windows
machines on Windows domains).

I have setup a Linux machine with eDirectory and a Windows machine. The
Windows machine isn't on any domain and has Novell Client installed.

Accomplishments so far:
What I've read so far tells me that it is possible to SSO to the Windows
machine and that Novell clients uses that credentials to login to
eDirectory. I want to do it the other way: authenticate to eDirectory
and use the same credentials to login on the Windows machine (without
requiring a local account).

I am able to create a user in eDirectory and "link" it to a local user
on the Windows machine, which will in turn provide a SSO to the Windows
machine using the user from eDirectory. The issue here is that the local
user, associated with eDirectory user, needs to be manually created. In
practice, I'm authenticating in eDirectory (so far so good) and
authenticating with a local user (which I'm trying to avoid).
Hopefully, It would be possible to authenticate to eDirectory (through
Novell Client) and then create a local user environment (based on the
user logging in).

Is it possible to create a new user in eDirectory and login to a Windows
machine using that same user?

Thanks in advance,
Joo Vale

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