We have run into an interesting problem related to creation of user
objects based on templates. If we create a user (using iManager -
OES11SP2 and eDir 8.8) and select the option to use a template (happens
with either an existing user or a template object), then when you
associate file rights to that user, then either the user is replaced
with the last user object created (or modified) using the template
object, or that last user is added to the file rights.

e.g. create user1 using template, create user2 using template; assign
user1 file rights to a directory; when you "apply" these rights, user2
is added to the list with same rights as user1. (for some users, user2
replaces user1 when you "apply" the rights)

So far, the only way to not have this happen is to not select "Use
Template" when creating the user object.


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