In the filter of dynamic group, the attribute "logintime" is missing is
the drop down list of the "Advanced selection criterion".
It is possible to edit the filter manually
("(&(loginTime>=20140101000000Z))" or
"(&(loginTime>=20140101000000.0Z))"), but when Apply is done, an
error message says "The filter specified for the dynamic group has
invalid syntax". It seems that this message appears when the attribute
is unknown, or if when the format of the value is not compatible with
the attribute, or when the operator is invalid.

If I make an LDAP search with a third party utily, it works fine with a
search like "(&(logintime>=20140602000000Z))" or like

It seems that many LDAP attributes are missing, why and how to access
them in a dynamic group's filter ?

Thanks for any idea.

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