Hello all,

Not sure if I should post this one here or on the SLES forums, anyway
here goes. This weekend during down time I ran the OES11 SP2 migration
utility to move our tree master server from ancient hardware to a nice
new virtual machine. The migration was from OES2SP3 to OES11SP2,
Following the official OES11 Documentation for the Migration Tool I did
all the prep checks, and ran the tool choosing the Transfer ID option, I
did not do the services portion as this server had no services other
than being the master for the tree (i.e. no file, no print, etc). The
tool appears to have completed successfully, however there is one issue
that worries me.

The tool walked through all the steps eDirectory Precheck > Preparation>
DIB Copy> Shutdown Source> DIB Restore (at this point I know there is no
turning back) > IP change > Hostname Change (here's where the issue
happened) > Reinitialize Server > Repair (another small issue here) >
Restart Server.

Essentially the migration utility with the exception of failing to
repair the server at step 9, which simply required the step being
repeated and it walked forward on it's own completed, giving no other
issues that at step 7 Hostname Change it re-named my server from the
existing name (edir) to edir11. Now that's supposed to happen, other
than the fact that the target server name was edir1 not edir11. I can
still ping the new server via the proper FQND of edir1.some.site.org and
eDirectory appears to be working, it's just the server name is actually
not correct.

So the questions are: Is there a script to re-name the server to edir1
like it should be? Will this cause an issue with eDirectory if I just
leave it?

Thanks all.

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