Trying to create a new cert for a remote loader in iManager (v2.7) for
IDM 3.6. We give it a unique nickname and choose standard creation
method. However, when we click Finish instead of creating the cert we
get an error "Server Certificate (Key Material) Creation Error. There
was an error while trying to create the server certificate. You need to
delete the Server Certificate, if it exists, and start the creation
process again." The error code is:" and there is no error code. If I
click the Finish button again I get the same message but with the error
code "The error code is: PKI Error - 1211 The Server Certificate Object
(also known as the Key Material Object) needs to be updated." At this
point the cert name appears in my list of certs but has a link that says
"import" next to it. Deleting the cert and trying to create it again
results in the same error. Trying to create any cert with any name
results in the same error. We are not trying to issue certs with
duplicate name. All of the other existing server certs show to be

Any ideas on why we can't issue a new server cert?

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