Netiq eDirectory 8.8 SP8 / RedHat Linux Enterprise server

We have a 3rd party application which uses our eDirectory as its ldap
repository for user authentication and authorization. After upgrading
our old eDirectory form 8.8. Sp2 to 8.8 Sp8 the 3rd party
application has stopped working. So far i have done some debug on this
case and done some ldap tracing on the queries that are coming from the
application. what i see is after asking vendorName the ldap quires
changes its behavior.

I have done some comparison of the rootDSE of the both eDirectory
versions and found something interesting:

on old eDirectoryServer we have vendorName with value 'Novell, Inc.'
and on the new eDirectory server we have vendorName with value "NetIQ

Could it be causing our 3rd party application?.. or is it a known bug
and if there is any hot fix to it that we can try?


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