httpsI am trying to import a large number of users from multiple
contexts into a single group using an LDIF file and the Import Convert
Export Wizard in Imanager. I am pretty sure I have the syntax correct,
as if I try to import 5 or so users from my list there are no issues;
they import and are listed as members in the group`s memberships
properties. But I noticed that it wasn`t importing any users when all
the users I want to import are listed in the LDIF file. I get the
"Complete: The import operation has finished", but there are ldap_modify
failed: 19(Constraint violation) errors. I also noticed one user in the
list the does not exist. I put only his user account in the LDIF file,
and I get the constraint message. I put the five users listed below him
back in the LDIF file, and they import without issue, and the users are
listed in the list of the group`s members. So I guess what I am needing
or wondering is if there is a way to have the Import Convert Export
Wizard ignore any errors because of non-existent users and continue
processing all other users and add them into the group instead of not
adding any of them. I have a very long list of users to add, and people
come and go here, so sifting through all these users is not only not
practical, but even a newly created list will be outdated within 24
Here is my syntax:

dn: CN=awesomegroup,OU=organizational_unit,O=organizat ion
changetype: modify
add: member
member: CN=user1,OU=organizational_unit,O=organization
member: CN=user2,OU=a_different_organizational_unit,O=orga nization
CN=user3,OU=yet_another_different_organizational_u nit,O=organization
member: (repeated a couple thousand times)

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