Good day have the following question(s):

We have two scenarios and would like to pursue that path which will have
the least impact on the environment.

1.) Can we install eDirectory 8.8.6 onto a SLES 11 SP3 64 bit server?
2.) We want to Insert the newly created server into an eDirectory tree
that has an eDirectory 8.8.6 Master Replica, and eventually move the
Replica's, Certificate, to the newly created server, and finally upgrade
to eDirectory 8.8.7 (SP6), decommissioning the old (current) master
replica server, and move services from that server to the new one.

In addition we want to check on the following: (would it be better to
follow this course of action):

1.) Instead of adding eDirectory 8.8.6 to the SLES 11 SP 3 64 bit server
want to add eDirectory 8.8.7 (patch 6 - which is the latest release),

However the main stumbling block is this: Will this new server install
into an eDirectory 8.8.6 tree without any issues/complications? Or do we
need to first upgrade the Current Master Replica server (8.8.6) to
8.8.7? If we need to do that the services that run atop that server will
cease to function, thus Option 1 is on the table as well.

Thank you,


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