NetIQ eDirectory 8.8. SP8 / Linux
Novell Certificate Server.

This is more general question. We have two eDirectory replicas which are
serving as Ldap and Ldap(s) services to some of our internal corporate
applications. There are few applications now needs to talk LDAP(S) to
our ldap servers.

We currently run Novell Certificate Server with our own internal
Organizational CA on it. It has not public certificate servers

Some of applications as we see handle Ldap(s)automatically. but some of
the apps need manual certificate distribution for LDAP(s) to work

the question is,

a) What certificates exactly do we need to distribute to the LDAP(s)
clients in order to initiate a ldap(S) session for them to our two Ldap
b) and How to export those certificates form the iManager?

is there any general guide available for this scenario from Novell??


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