Hello everyone,

We're trying to import users from iPlanet to eDirectory(8.8.8) with
their passwords with an LDIF file. The import through LDIF succeeds but
the stored password is wrong. I followed all the steps :

- Set the Default login sequence for the "user" container to simple
- Import the encrypted password to the simplePassword with no password
policy assigned to the users
- Assign a password policy to the "user" container

I tried the import using ICE through iManager with the -l option and
using an LDAP client with control: 2.16.840.1.113719. false.
The password stored is the hash : you can't connect with the clear-text
value of the hashed password. It works however using the hashed password
and its encryption method: {SHA}xxxxx.
Does anyone have any idea to solve this problem? I've racked my brain
for days now with no avail. Thanks in advance !

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