This is related to my previous issue:

So while I was away on vacation we had two servers go down. One went
into a critical state where the CPU load shot up as well as the memory
load. I restarted the service. The other server had the same thing
happen but got killed by the kernel before our system picked up any
problem with the load. But the issue is the same, ndsd consumes all
available system memory until the kernel kills it. These servers were
actually patched yesterday so hopefully the issue is fixed but I wanted
to get some insight into the situation. I did see a memory leak issue
(Bug 863460) was on of the things addressed in the patch. Both servers
were on 8.8 SP8 20802.09 x64 RHEL when the problem occurred. They should
not have been experiencing an unusually high load as it was the weekend,
unless someone from the outside was trying something nefarious, which I
am also unsure of how to check that. For now the system is up to date
and I am just monitoring hoping the issue is resolved but it is hard to
tell as I don't know the cause and it is intermittent.

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