Our supervisor has directed us to basically prune back the tree, by
moving objects out of the smaller subcontainers into the parent or
grandparent containers, in order to consolidate things and simplify our
Tree a bit, especially since in our environment, users are very
frequently moved to different locations or contexts.
I know that users and groups are not a big deal to move, and
fortunately, all our servers and their objects go into special
containers we name "SERVERS" and those will be left alone (it's not
possible to "move" a server anyway).

But what other objects are taboo to move?
Namely, I've noticed we have four "Extend" objects, which have objects
inside them, and are used for iManager. I don't know if these can be
safely moved or not. But then I'm not even 100% sure we need them, as
when I look at the properties of the pco object, the bhLocations seem to
point to IPs not even in use anymore. I believe this is a way to "tie"
iManager running on different servers together, though I'm not even sure
what that means.

We don't use NDPS printing of any kind anymore so any print objects are
legacy and not an issue. We all print direct IP.

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