I've been looking at a way to restore the pre extended schema after it's
been extended for OES11SP2. The customer I'm working for experienced a
critical schema corruption when adding OES2 servers, I'm looking at ways
to mitigate the perceived risk of the schema update. The tree is mixed
Netware 6.5SP8 and OES2 on SLES 10 SP4. I'm going to use the Novell
Schema tool to update for OES11 with minimal extensions, the OES11 boxes
are only going to be used to host IDM 4.0.2 after the migration

I initially looked at ndsbackup, but it won't delete extensions on
restore, but it will add extensions on restore, which is a little
bizarre. I first thought it might be because of updated values on
certain attributes, but it doesn't ring true if I can restore additional
attributes from the past. This isn't something I anticipate using as the
impact could be huge, but I need to try and make the schema extension
more palatable to get the IDM migration moving forward, they have to
live with the IDM Advanced schema extensions. And I'm now curious as to
why it won't delete extensions, but will restore them.

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