THe way out system is set up is we have an 'active' and 'inactive'
container for users and we have policies in place that move them around
based on their attributes. Today I have been informed there are a number
of users having issues. I found the cause to be that active users are in
the inactive container. Manually moving them results in the error:

LDAP: error code 51 - NDS error: previous move in progress (-637)

That led me to this document:

Now a few months ago we had another issue that crashed some servers or
we needed to restart them. That issue was resolved but I believe the
sudden loss in communication resulted in this current problem. I am
trying to make sense of the documentation on how to use DSRepair but I'm
kind of at a loss. It seems very vague to me. I am not even sure if they
are syncing properly nor am I sure how to find out. This is 8.8SP8,
fully patched by the way.

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