Hi all,

When I check the external reference, I get the following info for the
sles 11 sp2 server which joined to edir 8.87 tree on last week.

│(60) Found obituary for: EID: 0007C351, DN:
│-Value CTS : 9-30-2014 11:05:51 R = 0008 E = 0042

│-Value MTS = 9-30-2014 11:05:51 R = 0008 E = 0042, Type =
│-Flags = 0000

When I found it is allocated in wrong ou, then I move it to the right
one, the eDir has been installed successfully but not the SAS services,
then I switch off the server, and restored the server from its snapshot
b4 install the eDir.

There is no tree sync error found while only gets the 602 error in time

May I remove it by referring to
https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=3908200, Troubleshooting
Orphaned Inhibit_Move Obituaries with iMonitor?

Many thanks,


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