This seems a bit strange, but not sure if it's a bug or a poorly
implemented WAD (working as designed).

I create a custom plugin for modifying our users.
I put the Telephone Number attribute, and set the change control to:
Phone Editor

It seems that if you do that, (does the same for "otherphone number" as
well), and you go and edit a user (who has no phone number), you are
unable to apply any changes unless you actually put a phone # in both

And yet, the attributes are not marked as mandatory

But I see that if you choose "phone editor" that the value: (###)
says "mandatory" in red on the right-hand side.


So I have to choose to make every user get a phone number in order to
have it properly formatted, or I end up having to set to to free text
entry (so that it can get entered 9 ways to sunday), but at least then
we can have users without phone numbers?

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