Hi Everyone,

I want to record eDirectory login results using some open protocol
(file, syslog, json, whatever) and my first option was XDASv2, but this
one did not show me login results when logging in with the Novell
Client. (LDAP binds etc showed up fine).

So my second choice was Novell Audit which shows exactly the options
that i want. But it seems that the platform agent only logs towards a
Sentinel server over a proprietary protocol.

Is there no other way to get the login results with some open protocol?
I really don't want to use a "ndstrace -> file -> logstash -> syslog",
since then i have to misuse ndstrace...

Btw, if there would be an input for logstash for Novell Audit that would
be killer!

*tl;dr*: Howto audit novell logins without Sentinel or XDAS?

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