DSfW is a per-eDirectory-install service, or actually a per-OES-system
service, and multiple DSfW installs in the same eDirectory environment
naturally link to eachother providing redundancy based on the naturally
replicated nature of eDirectory.

Thank for your reply.
So, We can install more than two OES+DSFW and replicate eDirectory
partition and can get redundancy.
yes, thats exactly we need. Please let us know how we can do this, we
have already tried but not get success on this.
We were thinking that, it may not be possible.

Please let me know is this OK
DC Master site Server1:
1. We need to install SLES+OES+DSFW
2. Installation of eDirectory.
3. Creating new eDirectory tree, organization, and their OUs

DR Slave site Server2:
1. Install SLES+OES+DSFW
2. Installation of eDirectory
3. Adding this eDirectory with existing one Tree of Server1
3. Creating replica of Server1 partition.

Please let us know how we can use DNS in client side or how client can
connect first with server1, if server1 down automatically it should
start communication with server2 which is available on DR site.

If We are creating above edirectory on OES, is there any other
challenges please let us know.

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