I'm not sure if this is better suited in the iManager forum or not but
my gut says here is best. I created a new user account for a partner of
ours that needs admin access to eDirectory but I might have missed
something because they are telling me they don't have the access they
need. What I did was in iManager I went to the object viewer and copied
my admin user with the "copy attributes option" but that did not seem to
work. I went to the tree object and assigned them as a trustee to the
tree, which I assumed was what part of the "copy attributes" options was
for but apparently not. I made sure and assigned them the same rights as
a trustee as I have (all the same boxes are checked including the
"supervisor" box) but they are still telling me that they don't have the
access they need. They aren't being any more specific than that and just
saying that they need FULL administrative access to eDirectory, which,
as far as I know, they have. I've created proxy users with various
rights before but never an admin so I don't know if there is something I
am overlooking or what but I must be.

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