Hi. I've been tasked with upgrading an OES2 sp3 Cluster (on SLES 10 sp4)
to eDirectory 8.8 sp6 Patch 7 to comply with the new PSN Policy.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this patch anywhere. From what i can
see, Patch 5 is the last available on the Novell Support Website but
this is of no use in the circumstances. I've seen a few posts stating
that I need to do this through "Channels" but, as I am new to this, have
no idea what this is. I've run the Software Update on the Servers but it
comes back with nothing to install.

I know that the best solution would be to upgrade to the next level of
eDirectory but we are not licensed for 887.

Can anyone help me please and apologies for my lack of knowledge.

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