We have a password policy that has been around for years. We have
recently built some new edir 8.8.8 servers and migrated the replicas to
them. Now the password policy is not updating the 'Date password
expires'. It is being set to the date and time that the user changes
their password.

3 OES 11 SP2 SLES 11 SP3 servers
Server 1 edir 20804.05
Server 2 edir 20804.05
Server 3 edir 20805.05

ndsrepair -T - time is fine
ndsrepair -R - no errors

No stuck obits.

I changed the number of days for password expiration in the policy from
90 to 91 then back to 90 and it seemed to work for about 10 minutes then
it stopped working again.



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