Hello all,

I have a clarification type of question, first let me set this up. I
inherited this tree about six years ago, things have been running
fantastic so far. Long, long ago the previous sys-admin created a
series of documents for us to follow when installing new servers into
the tree to which I've stuck all through OES2. Now with OES11 (yes we
are finally upgrading) I'm beginning to question some of the choices
that the documentation has, again granted that document is for OES2 (not
even sp2 or sp3). One point in particular I have a question on, at the
OES configuration screen where the services you are configuring are, and
you can enable reconfigure for specific services. One of the services
"LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services", according to the
documents from the previous sys-admin we were to enable reconfigure and
remove the 'master' of our eDirectory tree from this one field, leaving
only the local LDAP server address. Again this is and has been working
great for the past 6+ years, but I'm curious... why did he have us
remove that server?

Few other notes, we have 19 sites spread out state wide with some still
on T1 connections. We DO ensure that each site has at least three
replicas, all read/write (other than the master obviously).

Am currently adding another server to our directory, and every time I
hit this step in his documentation I keep asking myself why is it we
remove that 'master' LDAP server address and leave only the local LDAP
server, and admittedly not being an eDirectory genius I'm hoping someone
who is can maybe point me to the proper spot in the manual or maybe just
offer an opinion; as at this point I'm actually updating our
documentation (a lot has changed since OES2) and would love to either
know why that choice was made or correct it if we are doing things

Thanks for the input all!

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