Hello everyone. I am running edir as non-root on linux and backing up
via dsbk script. I realize that NICI cannot be backed up with dsbk
running as a non-root user, and I curious how best I can accomplish
this. Ie is tarring up some directories the best option?

I have restored edir with dsbk as non-root and it appears to work, but
something in the documentation led me to believe that I may only think I
am working:

The database key required to open the DIB is wrapped with NICI keys.
Hence if an eDirectory backup is performed independent of NICI backup
then it is of no use. The eDirectory backup solution (DSBK and eMBox
Backup) has a switch (-e) that enables

So since I cannot use the -e when running as non-root are my restores
garbage? The Dib certain appears to restore, and even IDM starts.

I am seriously considering going back to root installs, if I cant
protect NICI properly, and patching sure is easier. Thanks for any

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