Good day
Please assist with below .
I have created a simple script below which I have put in cron . I want
the script to run at specified times for 30 mins, how ever ndstrace is
not started when the job starts .
When i run this script manually it runs ok and i get the out put i
expect .But I am not getting the same out put when running a cron job looks like ndstrace does not start at all .Nothing is being written
to the output file as well

#rm -f /tmp/duplicat-user.log
#sleep 5
ndstrace -l > /tmp/duplicat-user.log &

sleep 5
ndstrace -c "set ndstrace = NODEBUG"
ndstrace -c 'dstrace file on'
ndstrace -c 'dstrace +time +tags +ldap'
sleep 300
#Let's check to see if ndstrace is already loaded, if so, unload it.

ps -ef|grep ndstrace|grep -v grep
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
ndstrace -u

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