I have migrate an NW6.5 network in to an OES11 network. Now I have some
OES-Server and a rest of NW6.5 server. The eDirectory version is 8.8

Now I will install a new OES-server in the existing tree. At the time
the eDirectory configuration on the server ist starting, I get an error

"Warning: Unable to chek duplicate server context
atk-510.ou=xxx.o=yyy.ZZZ. : Returning -610"

I can only break the installation of eDirectory. After finisching the
server installation I find the server-object, LDAP-Server-, LDAP-Group-,
http-Server- and SNMP-Group-object.

ndsrepair -U find no errors.

What is the reason for these error message? What shell I do?

Thanks for help.


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