Does anybody know if there is anything else that needs to be done to get
XDAS Rolling File logging working in addition to what is stated in the
documentation, TIDs (7012483, 7010504, etc) and cool solutions articles
like "eDirectory 88 SP6 XDAS Audit to File?"

Based on the documention, TIDs and cool solution articles I read, XDAS
seems to be a pretty straight forward setup. Configure the xdasconfig
properties file, load the xdasauditds module, select the
objects/attributes/events to be audited, and you are done. However, I
am trying to set up a system to log to a file, but I can't get anything
to write to the log file (i.e, xdas-events.log). Does Audit have any
role in the way XDAS works? Does the Audit agent have to be configured,
or even the auditds module loaded?

I am on eDirectory 8.8 SP8 with patch 4, and iManager is a fresh install
of All that is running on RHEL 6 SP6.

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