We would like to implement DsfW to better manager our Windows
workstations. Currently, as I'm sure most are aware DsfW will only
support a single O.

Our tree was set up with Netware 4.11 and we thought we followed our
CNE training to do so. As such, we have multiple Os by County with user
objects in them. I also have a separate O where I keep my
Admin(Supervisor) accounts. All of my servers reside under these same

Basically I have it set up as -
T=XYZ (partition 1)
O=COUNTY1 (partition2)
O=COUNTY2 (partition3)

I'd like to move all of the existing Os with users in them. I have some
that don't contain users under a single O. We will have contextless
login deployed on all of our 600+ workstations this summer. So what is
the planning process for safely moving these Os underneath a single O.
How do all objects get updated with their new location including
servers, etc. I know I'm missing something and I don't know if anyone
has seen a good guide for this or is it simpler than I think?

Thank you,

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