This week I had to add a new server to en existing eDiretrory tree. The
installation of eDirectory ( went fine and dstrace did not show
any obvious trouble.

Since there were quite a few replika servers the new one did not get any
partition by default. So I started adding the root partition - which
worked fine. The sever received the patition and was shown on all severs
within the ring.

At the same time (I know technically after the receiving of the [ROOT]
partition the new sever revieved an Sub-Reference of the child partition
(O=corp). So far so good, but whenever I try to place a real partition
(o=corp) I receive the following error: "the selected partition already
has a replica on the selected server"

The only way to get a r/w partion on that server is to first add the
child partition and then the parent.

Is this the (new) standard procedure or simply a workaround? Has anybody
else seen this?

BTW: In the tree I found the problem I found five different edirectory
versions (20216.55, 20506.07, 20705.00, 20707.00 and 20805.05) Could
this be the root of the problem?


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