After rebooting a fully patched OES11 server, ndsd process goes up to
over 300% of processor utilization. Other eDirectory servers can not
"talk" to the box during this time. We have to issue a rcndsd stop
(which takes several minutes to shut down) and then we restart it.
After the restart things seem to be ok (normal processor utilization)
but if we run ndsrepair -U -Ad we get lots of TimeStamp errors. The on
site tech ran ndsrepair -P -Ad -A and picked the partition in question,
then ran repair Timestamps and declare a new epoch. This does clear the
timestamp errors, but when we reboot the server, the same old problem
comes back (ndsd loads but jumps to over 300% processor utilization).

So, in short, things do NOT seem to be happy in ndsd land. Anyone have
any ideas on what the problem might be? I looked through the schema and
ndsd log files and there is nothing that seems out of the ordinary. No
errors, eDir thinks it started properly after the reboot etc.

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