Anyone got any ideas on this?

Customer is running some Novell resources (mostly Zen and GW) on
windows - this is pilot, to see if its worthwhile to retain some Novell
stuff in the absence of netware (linux is not an option, apparently)

however, despite being locked to the same stratum 2 timesource, the
netware servers consistently drift 2-3s apart from the windows servers -
on test, that is invariably the netware servers drifting, the windows
servers (for all their other faults) are apparently keeping good time.

on netware, that wouldn't be an issue - I could just set the
synchronization radius to 4000ms, and all would be good. However, having
raised an SR I was told the windows version lacked this functionality,
so short of slaving the windows servers to the (inaccurate) novell
servers, there is no way to keep edir from showing the server as out of

I am running out of reasons to defend this to the customer (as you can
imagine) so its a bit of a PR disaster - the windows admins on the
customer site are understandably crowing a bit, and also understandably
reluctant to break the accuracy of their logfile timestamps in order to
make life easier for the "legacy" Novell solution.. so, any ideas?