We have a bit of a strange situation with a standalone eDirectory server
+ IDM 4.0.1 std server at one of our customers.

This is a standalone eDir server/tree (there are no other replicas/servers).

Short story, the server itself is somewhat broken, it can only be
accessed remotely. eDirectory is NOT running and it is impossible to
start eDirectory. (or any other EXE that isn't a built-in microsoft
service.). I cannot get a console/logon onto the server at all. Any
processes that expect a console/interactive logon environment just fail
to start.

I have confirmed that I can access the filesystem remotely (as admin)
and browse the registry remotely.

If the only solution turns out to be to build the server again and
reinstall eDir + IDM. I'm wondering exactly what needs to be backed up
regarding DIB/NICI [filesystem + reg keys]. Something akin to ndsrc.pl
but for windows.

Is this offline backup approach even recommended at all?