I am strugling with "Illegal replica number x is reissued" errors in
repair log, after performing a data base repair on my servers

( 3 eDirectory ftf2 on Windows 2003 SP1)

"Illegal replica number X is reissued" seems to be cosmetic according to
this TID http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=10083692

This error is still in place no matter how many time a run a repair

I am not confident about this error and would like to have 0 error after
running a repair

I have found some discussions that talks about repairing with locking
DIB every where on the tree

Being on a Windows system, is running a dsrepair with DIB lock every
where iperformed by just ckecking the box "lock data base" on the repair
options window ?

Please help me to get rid of this error


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