Hi, I have two completely seperate eDirectory 8.7.3 trees as follows:

Tree A - 30 servers, all Windows 2000/2003, all configured as secondary
Tree B - 2 servers, Windows 2003, both configured as secondary time

All the servers are getting their time from the same NTP source, which
has now unfortunately failed.

In Tree A, a timesync report says every server is in sync, even though
some of them are 18-20 seconds behind the master replica server.

In Tree B, a timesync reports says that time is not in sync and that the
2nd server is 4 seconds behind from the master replica server.

I don't understand why one tree with significantly higher time-drift is
classed as being in sync, when the other one isn't.

Both trees are replicating perfectly, but the timesync error on Tree B
is preventing object updates.

Is the "maximum drift before -659 error" a configurable parameter ? It
might take me some time to get the NTP server back up, so ideally I
would like to be able to increase it slightly on Tree B. It's obviously
not causing Tree A any problems having it at 18 seconds.

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