I have a few questions. I just installed Edirectory on our test server
yesterday. I see that is in our tree and seen by our other servers. But
how do I get the volumes to be seen? Does Active directory need to be
installed on here? I took it off thinking it would be more complicated
than it had to. There were no shares active at the time of install. This
is a Windows 2008 R2 server with about 600gb of disk space divided up
into two drives. I just added a share to the DATA drive but saw no
option in Windows to get it to work with Edirectory. Do I need to extend
the schema?

Do I or Should I put the Novell client on the Server?

In our environment we have 2 Netware Servers, one 5.1 and one 6.5, that
we are going to do away with. So we need to test our applications and
install Groupwise on this server.

For a person moving from Edirectory used in ConsoleOne and Imanager in
the Netware environments, do you recommend any reading materials besides
the manuals?

Thanks in Advance,

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