I have a SLES 11 SP3 OES 11 SP2 NSS file server that also runs the QFinder search index service. This service doesn't get used very often but when it does we usually find that the main page has an error. When we go to the QFinder home page there is usually a section to enter your search in the main body pane of the page but on the left-hand pane there is supposed to be a login section so that you can authenticate and search against documents that your file rights give you access to. When in an error state we find that this login section is missing therefore you can't sign in and can't perform a search.

How would we go about restarting this service in as non-disruptive of a way as possible. Currently I just restart the server after hours, which because of dynamic file storage also being implemented on this server, the NSS file services can come up for the most recently used files but may still take several hours for older files. I imagine that it would be either apache or tomcat services that would need to be restarted but I'm not finding much of an answer of which in the documentation. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.