Good morning,

We are currently on IDM version 4.0.2 and are populating AD and Exchange
accounts using the AD driver. We are currently in a Hybrid environment
with Office 365 and local Exchange mail accounts. When a new eDirectory
account is created we are wanting all new mail accounts to be created in
Office 365 as well and stop creating local Exchange accounts. Does
anyone have any ideas on how this can be achieved without using the
Office 365 driver. We do not currently own that driver and since we are
in a hybrid environment, it is my understanding that we can't just use
the Office 365 driver because it connects directly to the cloud and
wouldn't create a local AD account, which is where our Office 365
accounts are being authenticated. We could still run the AD driver to
create the local AD accounts for authentication and then use the Office
365 driver to create the mail cloud accounts, but if so can someone
please share the knowledge on how I would link the two accounts. Thanks
in advance.

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