howdy folks ,

As im writing this on the forum , im using dbcopy , to move a groupwise 8 server from linux to windows
( linux server has been crippled , running out of diskspace fast and the only server capable which i had lying around was a windows machine)

since i have never moved a system to windows i bought the "Caledonia Guide to Moving Groupwise"
which is a good read and an excellent guidance to moving stuff over however i found its missing some stuff :(

it does not seem to cover where to begin ,
when you are totally moving the groupwise system to windows
eg , transferring the domain / mta / poa / gwia /webacc

transferring data is always the first step , so while im dbcopying .. i thought i write down the steps which i have taken thus far:
the source groupwise system is located on a suse linux server with a nss mounted partition ( suse 10 sp2 )
the groupwise version running on this system is 8.02
this groupwise system has libraries and all the agents are configured on 1 server

im using a windows 2003 server as a new target with 4gb ram it
so when i have logged in to the windows 2003 server .. i have installed the novell client / console one with snapins
and dbcopy.exe running from C :
the destination drive will be G:\grpwise
so that dbcopy.exe is now using C:\DBCOPY\WIN32>dbcopy.exe /w /v /m S:\grpwise G:\grpwise
i have tried copying it earlier .. but there was a too much difference in files ..
eg the windows server had 267 GB used in the groupwise folder , while the linux server had 234GB ..
( there might be stripe issue , but the amount of files didnt add up either )
so while i was deleting the backup i made .. it will take to long to do that .. so i reformatted the drive ..
and shutted down the linux server groupwise ( nearly weekend anyway )

and now im watching the dbcopy ..
once that is finished ill be updating the consoleone settings

after that the next guess would be installing the agents ?