We recently updated to iManager 2.7.4 Field Patch 3 (via plug-in
updates). Since then, all of our custom plug-ins that have text areas
(mainly against the 'description' attribute) on them have been sized too
large. Before, with Field Patch 2, the text area was cols='32' and
rows='10' (or less). After FP3, text areas are cols='32' and rows='32'.
This stretches the page down considerable in the browser. Setting the
field size on the field component only changes the 'cols' value, not the
rows. Is there a way to set the number of rows wanted for a text area
component in custom plug-ins? Is this a bug (mainly a cosmetic bug) in
field patch 3 (which did give us FireFox compatibility again)?

Note, at least in FireFox, we have the option of resizing the field so
we don't have to scroll as much when we run the plug-in, though our IE
users are out of luck and we have to resize each time the page loads.


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