My iManager seems to have problems. Some things appear to work, others
do not and I don't have a clue what's going on. Is there a way I can
check that iManager is installed, configured and working properly? The
specific problem I have right now is that I log in to iManager and
expand storage. There I click on pools. It thinks for a minute and the
returns the message *Error: This user does not have the correct
credentials to authenticate to the CIMOM client.* If I look in
/var/log/messages I see two entries.

openwbem: PAM_NAM: nds_authenticate: ldap_compare failed with crypted
openwbem: PAM_NAM: pam_sm_authenticate: NDS Login failed

Can someone tell me how I can correct this? Thanks.

PS: The user account in question is my admin account. I'm absolutely
sure of the password and, in fact, am logged in to iManager using it.

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