I solved with problem to move my user in another OU, then, I replaced
the user in the original OU.
After, the properties were accessible.
But I don't know why this problem is appeared, and only on some users,
not all ...

Tony Spradlin;653211 Wrote:
> I am receiving this error whenever I try to assign a user to a roll.
> I am running this on an OES NetWare SP2 server with iManager
> 2.5.20051102 with maintenance updates iMan25_2_20050809 and
> iMan25_3_20051102. I have also tried this on another OES server with
> iManager 2.6 and received the same error.
> The only reference I found to this error on the knowledgebase was in
> the maintenance update 3 for iMan 2.5 that stated it would be more
> descriptive with this error but this did not change the error at all.
> I've noticed several other posts from users with this problem that
> were
> not responded to.
> I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer.
> --

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