I an desperately trying to make a Custom Plugin for modifying custom
attributes of user.

How ever whenever I go to iManager | Configure | Role Based Services -
I do not see the Plugin Studio option that I would expect after reading
the documentation...

I do see the "Some roles and tasks are not available" warning, and via
View Details I am able to see Plugin Studio is not available because
"RBS is not currently installed in this tree"

I have run the RBS Configuration Wizard and rebooted the server. I can
see the RBS Collection, but the box keeps telling me I don't have RBS
installed in the tree.

Whenever I try to Edit the RBS Collection, I get an warning "Either the
RBS schema definitions have not been installed or they are out of date.
Slect OK to extend the schema and continue."
I press OK and I can edit the Collection, but after a restart I still
do not see the Plugin studio.

Why is this so **** hard? And what does the Plugin Studio have to do
with RBS anyway?

I am running iManager 2.7.4 on OES2sp3 on SLES.


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