Thought I would create a new thread as this is a different question...

Finally got the Plugin Studio to work, but I have a few questions.

- DOCUMENTATION??? I have looked everywhere I can think and there is
virtually no documentation.
- I understand that the Plugin studio may be just a basic interface,
so is there another way to NPMs? I have looked around the developer
site but I have found nothing useful.
- It is possible to use the plugin studio to modify current tasks,
(i.e. add a chapter/page to the Modify User Property Book)?
- Failing that, it is possible to add chapters and pages to the
custom plugins through plugin studio?
- Failing that, it is possible to setup a table so that the
attributes are just stacked vertically.
- How is it possible to change the input method of an attribute?
(i.e. I have a custom attribute which is boolean 1 or 0, but the only
option in the studio is TextField, I would like a checkbox). I
understand that I could manually export, edit the NPM and import but I
was hoping for a more graceful solution. Also If I am to edit the
JSP, what would I edit and what would I change it to?


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