I am trying to setup iMan_27_workstation_win on my windows 7
workstation. iManager starts up and runs fine, but if I try to install
the " iManager Framework Novell Downloads Field Patch 3
for iManager 2.7.4" plugin it fails with the following error:

Errors: 1
iman274_FTF3.npm -

I also get various failures with other plugin installations;
installation hangs and never completes with the eDirectory and IDM
plugins, iManager will not even startup after attempting the IDM

I've tried running in compatibility mode (Windows XP SP3) and tried
"run as administrator" No change in behavior.

For now I am using the server based install I have, but this will not
help me when trying to do dev work on my laptop away from work. Any
help would be appreciated!

-Mike K

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