So I created a new NPM using the "Plug-in Studio" (mostly) using
iManager Workstation (or whatever it is called now) version 2.7.4

I manually edited the JSPs
And after I exported it, I needed to manually monkey with the
MANIFEST.ML file before I could install it in my production
iManager.(version 2.7.4)

There are two aux classes, one an extension of the user class and one
an extension of the group.

I created the plugin as a Property book page (one for Users and one for
Groups and added the correct aux class. When working in iManager
Workstation, I could see the extra Property Page Book whenever I edited
a user or group.

But when I installed it in my production iManager, I can only see it if
I modify a generic Object.
Just to clarify, if I select a user via Roles and Tasks | Users |
Modify Users I will not see the custom page.
But if I select a user via Roles and Tasks | Directory Administration
| Modify Object I will see the custom page.
I also see the page if I select the user via the View Objects view, the
same hold true for groups...

Any ideas on what I need to fix. I'm hoping it is just something
stupid in the npm file.


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